The Lens of Leadership

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The leadership exodus of the baby boomers is creating dramatically-accelerated promotions in organizations and leaving behind a significant leadership skills gap.

  • Do you aspire to build a high performance team?
  • Is your career not moving forward quickly enough?
  • Are you in a little over your head as a leader?

If so, this book can help!

All intentions, actions, and results should be viewed through what Cory Bouck calls “The Lens of Leadership®” to bring focus to the leader’s ultimate accountability for results. Doing so will magnify your personal performance, improve your organization’s results, and accelerate your career progression. Failing to accept total responsibility sets low performance expectations, perpetuates a culture of mediocrity, and cripples the career opportunities of those you lead.

Whether you are an experienced leader with broad responsibilities, an early leader who wants to get ahead faster, or an aspiring future leader who wants to expand your influence, viewing your role through The Lens of Leadership® will ensure that you deliver better results, get promoted faster, and inspire those around you.

In The Lens of Leadership®, you will learn how to:

  • Set yourself apart from your peers by developing an accountability mindset that consistently examines results through The Lens of Leadership®.
  • Earn a reputation for strong leadership at every level through your followership.
  • Act, paradoxically, as both a leader and follower at the same time throughout your career.
  • Develop all of the must-have tools for your leadership toolbox.
  • Increase your impact, develop more bench strength, and build a high performance team by learning to serve, build, and inspire others.

Now The Lens of Leadership® is available in Spanish and Chinese translated versions.

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