Cory's Speaking

Leading High Performance Teams to Multi-Generations Success: North American Meat Institute (NAMI), Chicago, IL

“Cory delivered an engaging, dynamic, and thoughtful presentation expertly tailored to the conference audience.”
- Barry Carpenter, President and CEO, NAMI

Creating and Winning with High Performance Teams: Toll Brothers, Inc.

“Cory spoke powerfully on taking responsibility for everything you do.  He customized the presentation for my audience of young professionals. He really connected with his energy, wit and real life experiences. Great presentation, highly recommended!"
- Keith L Anderson, Midwest Group President, Toll Brothers, Inc.

Multi-Generational Leadership and High Performance Teams: Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Wisconsin State Conference

“Best session yet!! I didn’t want it to end. Going home with actionable take-aways.”
– Conference attendee via conference feedback

The Ultimate Development Toolbox: Keynote presentation at The Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) Talent Conference, Tokyo, Japan

“Cory is a great cross-cultural speaker who delivers a powerful and inspiring message” 
– Takeo Inoue, Sony Corp.

Multi-generational Leadership: Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) International Conference, Las Vegas, NV

“Cory is an outstanding representative of the quality of speakers & content that SHRM should continue to promote. Excellent on all accounts!”
– Conference attendee via feedback

Multi-generational Leadership: Association for Talent Development’s (ATD) International Conference & Exposition, Orlando, FL

“I've listened to dozens of speakers but have never come away with so many immediately actionable concepts and insights. Cory's real life experiences resonated with me, as I'm sure they did with everyone attending.”
– James Gischia , Regional Sales Manager – PalatiumCare

"Great presentation! I now have a really new perspective on serving as a leader!"
- Attendee via feedback app

The Ultimate Development Toolbox: Keynote at Metro Milwaukee SHRM’s Annual Conference, Milwaukee, WI

“Cory was great, start to finish ... the perfect lunchtime speaker." "An out-of-the-ballpark home run with this speaker." 
- Conference attendees


“Cory connects the behaviors of leadership to the delivery of better, more strategic business results. He is as comfortable in a room of C-suite leaders as he is with line supervisors in heavy industry.”
– Isaac Russell, CEO, SuccessPlus

Followership and Personal Branding: The Kohler Company’s National Showroom Manager’s Meeting, Kohler, WI

“Cory was energetic, compelling, and brought an empowering element to our conference. His message reinforced our agenda and brought an impactful addition to the attendees’ experience. I highly recommend his presentation and look forward to having him at another one of my events! "
- David Doyle, Sr. Training Specialist, Kohler Company

“Cory the leadership speaker was fabulous! I wish his session could have gone on longer.”
– An attendee

Followership is Strategic Leadership: Association for Strategic Planning, Palo Alto, CA (virtual keynote)

"Cory's Strategic Wargaming session was engaging and provoked a lot of thought and dialogue around building the next generation of strategic thinkers - using new and different tools, and in different ways - than we have thought about before."
- Ken Ketch, President

Creating a high-performance organization using The Ultimate Development Toolbox, Training Magazine’s annual conference, Atlanta, GA

“Wow! Cory packed this session with EXACTLY what I needed: something to apply immediately at work, and things to figure out how to implement in the future.” “His charisma makes me believe I can do this at my company, too.”
– Conference attendees, via feedback sheets

The Four Secrets of Aggressive Followership:  Integrated Data Storage, Chicago, IL

“Cory did a fantastic delivering the keynote and also facilitating a tremendously valuable group exercise at our 2015 kickoff meeting. Cory’s passion and material commanded the full attention of everyone. Cory will no doubt be demanded back by our organization in the future.  Absolutely fantastic experience!”
 Matt Massick, CEO, Integrated Data Storage

The Ultimate Development Toolbox: India Summit, Bangalore, India, International Association for Talent Development (virtual keynote)

“Cory is an accomplished leader, motivator, and speaker who practices and preaches the followership model of leadership effectiveness. Our audience was highly engaged by his deep domain understanding of various leadership dimensions. He is well read and brings a global perspective tohis conversations that are valued by all.” 
– Amit Nagpal, Chief Learning Officer, INFOSYS, BPO, Ltd., India

Leadership: Serve-Build-Inspire! : Northwestern Mutual Insurance High Potential Leaders Program graduation keynote, Milwaukee, WI  

“Cory’s message of strong leadership incorporating great followership was extremely timely for our audience of new leaders and his practical advice and real-life stories provided insight into how the participants could achieve early wins in their new role.”       
– Laura Nigbur | Talent & OD Consultant

Followership: Powerful-Yet-Modest Leadership: Conference, International Association for Talent Development, Taipei, Taiwan     

“The most powerful and attractive speech within these three days I thought! Thank you for making ‘leadership’ more actionable and reachable!" 
– Conference Attendee

Followership: Four Secret Skills for Being the Leader Others WANT to Follow: Wisconsin Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) State Conference, Madison, WI 

“Great session could have been longer, more of a keynote address.” 
“Excellent presenter with a great 'take away' message.”
– Conference Attendees

Strategic Wargaming as an Executive Development Tool: Richmond Events’ CLO Talent Management Forum, Scottsdale, AZ:

"Cory is very energetic and brings a strong presence to the conference.  This content would make a fine HBR article - very impressive!”  
– A Fortune 500 Chief Learning Officer

Followership: The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Leadership Symposium keynote, Washington D.C.

"Cory’s electrifying presentation was the hit of the symposium, and the team is more inspired and engaged than ever before.”
– CAPT Heidi Berg, US Navy, Joint Military Intelligence Center

Followership: The Governor’s Office of Good Government event keynote, Lansing, MI

"Cory was excellent! He stayed animated, relevant and engaging throughout. Having outside perspectives is very important to challenging our thinking and approaches to public service. I have a daughter in high school. I wish I could have brought her to this session.”
– A program attendee

Followership: Four Secret Skills for Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams: Coca-Cola Middle-East/North Africa Leadership module with The American University in Cairo (via interactive webinar): 

"Mr. Cory’s session used the best webinar communications techniques to teach the best virtual leadership skills. Followership will help us lead better in our organization.”
– Sara Elmawazini, Coca-Cola Enterprises - Atlantic

Followership: Wisconsin Occupational Safety & Health Professionals Conference, Cleveland, WI 

"Cory is a dynamic, energizing speaker who worked hard to customize his presentation to really hit home with our group of occupational safety professionals. They left knowing how to increase their influence and drive better results through their own personal leadership."
-Paul Rutledge, Wisconsin Lakeshore Safety Council

Followership: Association for Training & Development’s (ASTD) International Conference & Exposition, Washington DC 

"Awesome session with tips I can actually use! Fun, with great stories. Best speaker of the day!”
– From ASTD’s attendee feedback system

Followership: SHRM’s National Talent Management Conference, Nashville, TN 

"Cory should be keynote speaker [at the 15,000 attendee SHRM global conference] in San Diego. He is an excellent presenter whose content that has real world, actionable application!”
– From SHRM’s attendee feedback system

Followership and The Ultimate Development Toolbox: ASTD’s Middle-East/North Africa (MENA) Conference, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  

"Mr. Cory’s research of our culture and business environment really paid off: our attendees felt he connected with them culturally in very authentic ways. He is very comfortable in our part of the world. He even learned a couple dozen Arabic phrases in order to be polite and complement attendees in our language.”
- Mansoor A. Osmani, Conference Director

Followership: The American University in Cairo (via interactive webinar)

"Mr. Cory delivered a remarkable, dynamic webinar session!  These issues are applicable internationally and locally, and he provided valuable insights.”  
-Amr Hamdy, Director, School of Business, The American University in Cairo

Followership: CSX Transportation, Atlanta, GA

"Cory’s presentation to our team was fantastic.  His level of preparation - including taking the time to learn and understand the most pressing needs of the organization - was truly outstanding and greatly engaged our team.  His ‘Serve-Build-Inspire’ message resonated with everyone, regardless of their leadership level.  The material Cory distributed throughout the presentation continues to serve as a daily reminder of our vital role as leaders on our teams.”
-Barry Morton, Director of the Railroad Education & Development Institute, CSX Transportation

Followership: Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Symposium, Kohler, WI

"Cory’s presentations are fast-paced and his energy helps engage the audience. Cory’s leave-behinds reinforce his message later when you need to apply the learning to your own leadership opportunities.”
- John Rogers, Program Director

Followership: Secret Skills for Winning for Life, The Winning for Life Foundation (501c3), Minneapolis, MN

"Cory Bouck did a wonderful job explaining foundations and applications of leadership to our players, coaches and families. He used examples relatable across the generations in our audience to make leadership concepts come to life for our student-athletes as they continue to explore ways to apply critical leadership principles in their lives, on the field and off. Bouck delivers his leadership message in an energetic and inspirational way!”
- Dr. Janet Holdsworth, CEO, The Winning for Life Foundation

Followership: Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation leadership keynote, Milwaukee, WI

"Cory Bouck was engaging and insightful.  His wide-ranging life and business experiences make him an incredible testimony to the ‘Serve-Build-Inspire’ message.  He skillfully tailored his presentation to resonate with our corporate initiatives and culture. We are very happy to have had him speak at our event."  
-  Kurt Thomas, Vice President Human Resources

Followership: Four Secret Skills for Leading Students to Tomorrow, Lakeshore Technical College faculty & staff symposium keynote, Cleveland, WI

"I was impressed by the amount of time Cory spent talking with us before the keynote to ensure he understood our organization. He really hit the mark with his passionate delivery and engaging presentation style. It inspired everyone! You hope a speaker will positively influence thinking and behavior. Cory accomplished that, and would highly recommend him!”  
- Dr. Michael Lanser, President

Followership: The 4 Secret Skills for being the Leader Others WANT to Follow, : Association for Training & Development’s (ASTD) International Conference & Exposition, Dallas, TX

Way to go Cory - you knocked that ‘dodgeball’ out of the park.”

“This was the best session I have ever attended at ASTD. I recommend bringing Cory back next year by popular demand so that others can benefit from this session.”

– From ASTD’s attendee feedback system

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