The Lens of Leadership®

The world is in desperate need of a different leadership role model. My goal is that someday, everyone, everywhere will lead at a higher level and be a situational leader. The great news is that The Lens of Leadership can help leaders reach that place. Cory Bouck’s principles of leadership excellence are a true outline for success. Read this book and you, too, will lead at a higher level.”

- Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Great Leaders Grow

“Cory Bouck has taught leadership and lived it in demanding roles in the military and business. Here he distills the lessons of his own impressive experience into practical insights that will help individuals and organizations make the most of their leadership talent.”

– John R. Ryan, President & CEO, Center for Creative Leadership

“Bouck gets it. Skill without character is manipulation, not influence. This book will help you greatly expand your capacity to generate real and lasting influence.”

– Joseph Grenny, coauthor of the international best-selling Crucial Conversations, and Influencer

The Lens of Leadership® is the playbook for building any kind of championship team.”

– Boomer Esiason, NFL quarterback; Chairman, Boomer Esiason Foundation

“By taking a look at yourself through The Lens of Leadership®, you’ll gain enormous insight into what it takes to become an even better leader and, just as importantly, to develop the untapped leaders around you.”

– Michael Zuna, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Aflac, Inc.

The Lens of Leadership® gets it right: the best leaders know how to share power to get more done.”

– Joe Iarocci, CEO of the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership

“Where in the hell was this book 15 years ago? The Lens of Leadership® touches on many of the factors that are the key to successful leadership. It not only motivated me to become a better boss, but I believe it will also inspire everyone to become a better leader. It will definitely put your career in the fast lane.”

– Randy Bernard, CEO, Indy Racing League

“We need government leaders that have great skills and strength of character in our capitals and municipalities so they can help build a better future for America. The Lens of Leadership's 'Serve-Build-Inspire' model is just the tool to build those leaders."

– Ed Rendell, former Governor of Pennsylvania and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

“Cory Bouck’s The Lens of Leadership® is destined to become a seminal piece. The insights will benefit both fledgling and seasoned leaders. Apply its principles to any organization, and you will see serious positive results, both immediate and for the long haul.”

– Admiral Joseph W. Prueher, former U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China

“Cory Bouck’s 'Lens of Leadership®' principles are time-tested, and his timing is perfect. So much leadership talent is retiring. This book will help build better leaders that are ready to follow, serve, and lead.”

– Matt Blunt, former Republican Governor of Missouri; President of The American Automotive Policy Council

The Lens of Leadership® is a very helpful book for individuals who are motivated to become great leaders. Its 'Serve – Build – Inspire' framework is supported by a series of practical examples and exercises to help hone leadership skills. Ultimately, the book contains a strong affirmation of personal accountability coupled with a useful path to achieve leadership impact."

– Rick Searer, President, Kraft North America (Retired)

“This powerful, practical book shows you how to create, lead, manage, and motivate a team of high-performing people – in any business.” 

– Brian Tracy, professional speaker, international best-selling author, entrepreneur, and success expert

“Retiring U.S. workers are taking decades of job skills and leadership experience with them. They are being replaced by a labor force that is ambitious but untested. If America’s younger workers can adopt Cory Bouck’s ‘Serve—Build—Inspire’ model, they will strengthen the companies that create great jobs for American families.”

- Dr. Donnie Horner, Education Commissioner, City of Jacksonville, Florida

“Bravo! The Lens of Leadership® is an outstanding work by first time author Cory Bouck. If the words ‘authenticity, serving, following, integrity and nurturing’ resonate with you, you’ll find that this incredible tool kit delivers on its promise and will truly assist you in achieving and delivering world class results.”

- Jason Jennings, NY Times bestselling author of Think Big-Act Small; Less Is More; Hit The Ground Running; and The Reinventors  

The Lens of Leadership® uses the best tools from the training world to ensure you convert what you learn from this book into better behaviors that deliver better results.”

– Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick, professor emeritus of the University of Wisconsin, creator of the four “Kirkpatrick Levels” for evaluating the effectiveness of corporate training programs

“Lots of people get promoted into a leadership role, but too few of them become skilled, effective leaders. The Lens of Leadership® will help you become a leader that others will follow eagerly to create great results.”

– Ralph C. Stayer, Owner and CEO, Johnsonville Sausage

"The Lens of Leadership® explains how the skills of great followership build better organizations today and better leaders tomorrow."

– Peter Nicholas Lengyel, President & CEO, Safran USA

"No matter who you are, The Lens of Leadership® will help you achieve your professional goals and leave an enduring and endearing legacy. This book is a blueprint designed to bring leadership and character together." 

– Dr. Mark Huberty, DDS, Chairman, American Dental Association's Global Mission of Mercy; Deputy Regent, International College of Dentists

“Emerging markets are growing at an astonishing pace. Businesses attempting to succeed in this arena are in dire need of leaders who can apply Bouck’s ‘Serve—Build—Inspire’ model to unleash the power embedded in the universal human desire to achieve.”

– Scott Chandler, Finance Director, Asia, Middle East, & Africa, General Mills, Inc.

“If you are a leader today and you don’t understand how to be a follower at the same time, The Lens of Leadership® should be the next business book you read.” 
– Chuck Goddard, President & CEO, Marinette Marine Corp.

“Like great actors, great leaders are born and made: skilled people still need great coaching. The Lens of Leadership® brilliantly provides you with your own personal leadership coach. Read it now. You simply can’t afford to wait until tomorrow.”

– Christopher Olsen, Hollywood screenwriter, and producer of the upcoming feature Lombardi.

“The leadership exodus has begun: baby boomers are retiring in droves and there aren’t enough Gen Xers to replace them. The Lens of Leadership® is a practical field manual for getting Millennials ready to lead.”

– Haydn Shaw, Practice Leader, Franklin-Covey Co., author of Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart

"Cory Bouck speaks from and to the heart of leadership. His easy to use tools and practical advice are based on many years of proven experience, and can be readily used by any leader to inspire people working together to achieve exemplary results."

– Dr. Robert O. Brinkerhoff, creator and best-selling author of The Success Case Method, and internationally-recognized expert in training effectiveness and measurement

“Looking at your skills through The Lens of Leadership®, you will see how easy it is to focus your development, magnify your impact, and set your career on fire!”

– Patrick Snow, international best-selling author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

The Lens of Leadership® clearly defines three imperatives for the next generation of great leaders: serve, build and inspire. I encourage anyone interested in fully developing as a leader to use this book as a practical guide and personal coach.”

– Kevin D. Wilde, VP, Organization Effectiveness and Chief Learning Officer, General Mills; 2007 Chief Learning Officer of the Year; author of Dancing with the Talent Stars: 25 Moves That Matter Now

The Lens of Leadership® provides useful and practical advice for leaders. A good resource for first time managers and anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about leadership fundamentals.”

– Tamar Elkeles, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer, Qualcomm, and the 2010 CLO of the Year

“A company’s and country’s most cherished asset is its leaders. Weak leadership will guarantee mediocrity and decline. Strong leadership will position the company/institution to be the best. Cory’s book is timely in a world where true leadership is in dangerously short supply. The Lens of Leadership® is a phenomenal book. I wish that I had had Cory’s book early in my career. Here comes a much-needed best seller!”

– Neal Whitten, Best-selling author and project management expert; President, The Neal Whitten Group

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